AVG Anti-virus is antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a subsidiary of Avast and is available for Windows, Mac Operating System and Android. It is one of the most unswerving antivirus packages in the market. The interface is very “trendy” and easy to use. AVG Antivirus will defend your device from spyware, ransom ware, and viruses. The free version is rather decent.

Being extremely customizable and top-rated antivirus software lets small and medium-sized businesses keep their emails, data, networks, files, and PCs secure and protected from cyber threats. Even a business’ mobile phones and tablets can have ransom ware protection, thanks to AVG Antivirus’ Android app. Households can also take advantage from AVG Antivirus, as it can defend in opposition to webcam spying and ransom ware with a version formed specifically for home use. In case of any sort of technical glitches encountered by the users, contacting customer support is one of the finest decisions made by the users. Here we have compiled everything you need to know about AVG Antivirus.

Main features of AVG Antivirus:

  • Anti-Theft
  • Camera Trap
  • App Lock
  • Device Lock
  • App Backup
  • Data Safe
  • File Server Security
  • Boost PC Speed And Productivity
  • Mobile Security
  • Antivirus App For Android
  • Ransom ware Protection
  • Smart Scanner
  • Remote Management
  • AVG PC Tune Up
  • Link Scanner
  • Email Shield
  • Network Antivirus
  • File Shredder
  • Identity Protection
  • Protect Network

How to download and install AVG Antivirus?

In order to download and install your new AVG Antivirus or Internet Security, follow the subsequent steps:

Downloading and installing AVG Antivirus

  • Click the name of your product to download the installation file:
    • AVG Antivirus
    • AVG Internet Security
  • Run the downloaded file to start the installation process.
  • Follow on screen instructions
  • When prompted, enter your AVG license number.
  • The license number is sent automatically to your e-mail once purchased.
  • Complete the installation and restart your computer.

Activating AVG Antivirus

Follow the subsequent steps in order to activate the AVG Antivirus:

  • Open AVG 
  • Double-click the AVG icon on your Desktop or the AVG icon in the notification area in the bottom-right corner of your computer screen
  • In the AVG window click Options
  • Click Activate or Reactivate.
  • In case you do not see the menu Options, you may have opened the AVG Zen window.
  • In such case click the Protection tile first to open the main AVG user interface.
  • Insert the License Number that you received in an email after purchasing AVG into the “New license number” field
  • Click Activate.
  • Your AVG will now be activated with a new license number.
  • You can verify this by clicking Support in the top menu.
  • Your license number and validity will be displayed along with other product information.

Advantages of AVG Antivirus

  • Keep Data, Files and Identity Safe.
  • Business and customer data is one of the most important assets of a company.
  • Protect Network Through Link Scanning.
  • Email Shield Technology.
  • Smart Scanner.
  • Remote Management.
  • Powerful Mobile Security.
  • Anti-Theft and Camera Trap.

Common Issues of AVG Antivirus

Being highly reliable and most liked antivirus, users may encounter few issues that may require attention. However, you can acquire a quick look at some of the glitches encountered by the users of AVG Antivirus below.

  • Installation/ Un-Installation Problems

There are a lot of users who encounter the issue of setting up and installing AVG Antivirus and ends up with the same annoying feel that is realized when the user wants to do something but unable to do due to some other reasons. They fall short to install the software and are unable to protect their devices with this incredible antivirus software. There could be a variety of reasons at the rear of the same and spotting out the cause can be considered as the initial step for troubleshooting it. In fact, a lot of users even grumble that if they want to install the program, they are not able to do it. In such case user can easily connect to the technical team through the 24X7 toll free technical helpline number and get the issue resolved with the help of techies. 

  • Software Updating Complications

The creators of the AVG Antivirus software always carry on upgrading its software because of adding up the functionalities and keep it up to date in order to provide the ease of use to its users. They keep on improving the features of AVG Antivirus. But, to be honest, a lot of users and clients are unsuccessful in updating the software due to several error codes. And, as they are not able to update it, it becomes quite impossible for them to enjoy the enhanced and updated features launched by the makers. But at the same time this is the most common reason that is encountered by the users and can be easily fixed by troubleshooting it manually or with the help of technical support.

  • System Slowdown

Not just with AVG only, but slowing down of system may occur while using any antivirus program and is a very common issue that is encountered by the users. No matter if you use the word or try to perform any other tasks, it starts to take a few more minutes for loading. An antivirus blocks the unwanted sites and may slow down the processing. This general issue that occurs with almost every antivirus installed on your device sometimes blocks the required content as well.  Being a common issue, this can also be addressed by troubleshooting it. But in case the user is unable to do it manually, contact customer support service in order to get the issue resolved with the help of a trained team of technical assistants.

Technical Support:

Being so advantageous and proffers numerous of features to its users along with the security and protection for your data; sometimes user might encounter few issues with the appropriate functioning of AVG Antivirus. In such case when user encounters some issue with the antivirus, contact technical support.

Although AVG is recognized for its reliability, recurrent users might encounter certain issues whilst using it. So here we have a three step procedure just to assure the appropriate functioning of the software.

  • Call: Call us at toll-free 24×7 helpline number to discuss the issue encountered
  • Connect: Our technical team will connect to your devices and figure out what’s wrong
  • Relax: Sit back and let the technical team take care of the issue

Go through the 3 step procedure and get the issue resolved. We proffer several self-help articles on the AVG Support pages. Conversely, few issues may entail deeper investigation by AVG Support.

A well trained, skilled and experienced team is waiting on the other side to assist you with the encountered issue within no time. Any type of technical or non technical issue can be addressed that is just a call away from you. Toll free customer support is always available for its users.