Safari is a graphical web browser developed by Apple. It is the default browser on every Apple devices. It’s built in privacy features are the basis of its popularity among the various business persons. Safari is said to be the finest browser for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Early safari was compatible with apple devices only but later on it was developed for windows as well. Safari for Mac is faster and proficient than other devices. Through iCloud, whole data is synchronized over every Mac device and Safari also works seamlessly with all other Mac devices. You can easily search smartly and stream using handy tools that aids in saving, finding and sharing your favorite stuff.

Features of Safari:

  • Defending your online privacy and security: Expecting privacy and security from the browser is not something big as security and privacy is essential in digital world and for this purpose Safari offers Mac Secure to give you the feel of assurance that your data is safe and secure.
  • Intelligent Tracking Prevention: Safari offers intelligent tracking prevention by utilizing machine learning to recognize advertisers and others who try tracking your online behavior, and eradicates the cross site tracking data they leave behind so your browsing stays safe for your business.
  • Sandboxing: It’s a built-in protection for websites that provides safeguard against the malevolent codes and malware. Any destructive code users come across is restrained to single browser tab only and doesn’t lead to crashing the whole browser.
  • Fingerprinting defense: Safari thwarts fingerprinting to advertisers by only giving out a simplified system profile, making it more complicated for data companies to recognize and track you.
  • Safeguard from detrimental sites: Safari aids in protecting its users against counterfeit websites before visiting. In case a suspicious website encountered, Safari prevents its users from loading it and warns against opening it.
  • Private Browsing: To prevent from auto-filling the information and the information that is remembered by the browser is sometimes that you don’t want it to happen. To make the web searches and information private only so that your browser is also unable to remember that, Safari provides DuckDuckGo, a built in search engine.
  • Secure and convenient passwords: Safari provides you the automatically generated passwords that are robust, strong and difficult to decipher.
  • Surf impeccably across all your devices: All your apple devices are synchronized using iCloud and by that mean users can easily surf across all the devices and they don’t have to remember anything as synchronization helps in the best manner.
  • The fastest way to browse on a Mac and windows as well: Safari is the fastest desktop browser outperforming with Mac and windows as well.
  • The best browsing experience: Advanced features provided by Safari aids in surfing smarter and effortlessly managing everything.
  • Stop Auto-playing videos: Safari prevents its users from auto playing unwanted videos and audios while browsing.

Common Issues Encountered in Safari Browser:

Being the most popular web browser across the globe and the most frequently used browser by all the Mac users, sometimes it actually lead to unexpected errors or crashing that might affect your work. Despite of having so much advanced features there might come a time when the browsers gets crashed or stops working properly due to overloading it with opening heavy websites simultaneously. Need not to worry if such situation occurs when you are using the web browser, all you need to do is follow the following steps and overcome the encountered error. If still it doesn’t works well you can connect with the customer support service executive to resolve the encountered issue.

  • Safari running slow

Depending up on the model and specifications your device, your might experience slow performance of your Safari web browser from time to time. There might exist some common or severe problem with your machine that needs to be addressed as soon as possible for the normal working of your device. Here are a few steps to be taken care of while using Safari to run smoothly and doesn’t throw any error while working.

  1. Shut all extra tabs: Safari web browser starts to struggle and starts performing slow if you have opened multiple tabs simultaneously. Not only safari but this can happen with any of the browser that faces such issue. Few websites utilize more resources, batter consumptions, memory and internet data, and opening a lot of tabs simultaneously might be a reason to be considered while experiencing the slow performance of the web browser.
  2. Clear caches, cookies, and website data: For every website the user visits, the browser hangs onto the cache files generated by the visited sites by the user. Clearing those cache files is essential because those files are not required to be keeping forever as it slows down the working experience with the web browser. Steps to clean cache memory of Safari:
  • Select Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Select Privacy
  • Click on Manage Website Data tab
  • Select “Remove all” to delete everything

3. Disable search suggestions: Turning off search engine instantly speeds up the working experience with safari web browser. Follow the following steps to disable search suggestions:

  • Go to Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Select Search
  • Uncheck the box for “Include Search Engine Suggestions”
  1. Check all extensions: Using third party extensions might be another reason for the slower performance of the browser. Checking on to the extensions whether the system is using extensions generated by Apple or third party software developers is a great way to deal with this issue.
  2. Update to the latest version of Safari: Apple regularly updates the version and introduces the patches to deal with frequently occurring issues on the web browser. Updating to a new version is a great way to deal with this issue. In case your safari web browser is not working appropriately and acting strangely, try updating the web browser from Apple app store.
  3. Inspect your network: Check on to your internet speed if your web browser is performing slowly as compared to the usual one. Poor internet connection might be another reason for the slower performance of the web browser.
  • Safari not responding

Sometimes user might encounter a situation when Safari web browser doesn’t responds when user clicks on mouse or turns the cursor. There are a few things to be considered to resolve the encountered issue.

  1. Quit and Re-launch Safari Web Browser: To quit the browser user can click a shortcut “Cmd + Q” and then launch the browser again. If the browser doesn’t responds to that as well then right click on safari icon and choose force quit or use “Cmd + Option + Esc”. This actually works on the frozen browsers.
  2. Clear cache and manage extensions: Opening multiple tabs simultaneously and overloading the web browser certainly affects the performance and leads to slowing down the working of the web browser. Cleaning up the cache regularly elevates the system performance.
  3. Reset applications: Reset Safari option cleans up everything and provides you a brand new browser that offers high performance and speed.
  • Safari is crashing

When Safari Web Browser crashes unexpectedly you must try fixing it manually by following the suggestions to resolve the browser crash issue.

  • If Safari web browser crashes some times after every launch try fixing it opening fewer tabs open simultaneously.
  • Try using a system monitor like iStat Menus that states which process is utilizing the CPU for long time that is degrading the performance of your browser and slowng down your machine.
  • Try Safari incognito to address this issue.
  • Clear extensions
  • Clean up cache
  • Reset applications
  • Disable Search suggestions.

Few Essential Safari Troubleshooting Tips:

Safari might get slow down or takes time to load when you are working on a heavy website and try opening many tabs simultaneously. For that all you need is to follow the following tip to deal with the slow speed of your browser.

  • Avoid excessive multi tasking in browser that might slow down the speed.
  • Close all the pages after reading or working.
  • Clean your browser’s cache periodically.
  • Use maintenance utilities and optimization applications.

Safari Technical Support:

Overload on the web browser affects the performance and speed of the safari. Along with the advanced features and manual tips that are required to be followed to maintain the performance of the browsing experience, even if some user encounters some other issues that are required to be addressed as soon as possible. In that case the users can directly get in touch for technical or non technical support to get the issues resolved in no time or less time. Users just need to connect with the Customer Support Service Executives using toll-free helpline numbers mentioned online and get the problems resolved with the help of trained, skilled and experienced individuals. They are actually just a call away to enhance your browsing experience and provide you the uninterrupted web browsing services.