Mozilla Firefox is a free of cost and open source web browser. It is designed to provide the fast retrieval of the information required by the user by just typing in the search bar. Firefox is a perfect blend of quicker results, high performance, low memory usage, advanced features and privacy protections. It is a well known widely used web browser that provides ease of use, is customizable and functional.

Mozilla Firefox offers high speed browsing and quicker results to its user. It actually believes in offering the uninterrupted services to its user and if there comes a situation when the user gets stuck in any type of exception, error or issue there is a team of professionals backed up in order to resolve the interruption. For any type of technical or non technical support a team of experienced and skilled professionals is just a call away.


  • Find as you type: User will be provided with the information as searched or typed by the user.
  • Customization: The position of the toolbars and interface can be customized as per the requirement of the user.
  • Smart Bookmarks: Links can be bookmarked and can be accessed later.
  • Synchronize between devices: Logging onto the Firefox on different devices with the same account synchronizes the information that can be accessed from any device.
  • Ad Tracker Blocking: Saves the browsing history of the user and secures it from getting accessed by the advertisers by blocking the user tracking.
  • Balanced memory usage: Firefox doesn’t consume high memory usage and maintains a balanced memory usage.
  • Faster browsing: Browsing speed is quick as compared to the other browsers.

Advantages of Mozilla Firefox:

  • Multi-Tab Feature
  • Allows Multi tasking
  • Private Browsing
  • High Security
  • Infinite Browsing Experience
  • Rich Add-on Library

How to Download and Install Mozilla Firefox?

Before using the Mozilla Firefox, user needs to understand the procedure to download and install it to your computer. Follow the below steps in order to enjoy the high speed and secure browsing services offered by Mozilla Firefox.

  • Visit Firefox download page on Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • Click the “Download Now” Button.
  • This will automatically redirect to the compatible and available version of Firefox.
  • A notification will appear on your screen to Run or Save the file.
  • Click Run to start the downloading process.
  • Dialog box will appear to ask by the installer to make the changes to the computer.
  • Click “Yes” to start the installation
  • Wait for the Firefox to finish installing.
  • After the installation an icon will appear on the desktop.
  • Double click on the icon and enjoy browsing.

Despite of the advanced features there are days when Firefox doesn’t works. Everything comes up with some pros and cons. Mozilla Firefox offers numerous of advantages to its users, but along with this there comes a time when few disadvantages takes up the space and throws some exceptions or errors that are required to be addressed. User might encounter a few issues that can be resolved by following a quick check or following few tips and tricks to get going with the Firefox.

Commonly encountered issues are:

  • Firefox crashes
  • Firefox won’t start
  • Firefox is slow
  • Websites won’t load
  • Firefox Crashes: Crashing of Firefox in the middle of something really important can be really annoying. To keep the Firefox run smoothly you just need to check on a few things. Following these tips and tricks might help you resolving the issue encountered by the user.
  • Update the Software: Crashes can occur due to different programs running on the computer. Keeping everything updated helps in avoiding the situation where the browser can be crashed. Check on to following updates for the smooth running of your web browser.
  • Update Firefox: Keep your web browser updated to enjoy the uninterrupted services offered by the Mozilla Firefox. To update the version of Firefox follow the following:
  1. Click on Menu Button
  2. Click Help
  3. Select Firefox
  4. Check “Update Firefox to the latest release”
  • Update your Drivers: Check your graphics and printer drivers up to date.
  • Update Windows: Update the latest security and stability fixes for Firefox to run smoothly. Generally Windows automatically check for the updates but in case you want to check that manually, follow the following steps to update the Windows:
  1. Go to Start Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Update and Security
  4. Select Windows Update
  5. Check for Updates
  • Update Internet Security Software: Assuring that your computer is installed with the update anti-virus programs.
  • Troubleshoot the Crash: Don’t think twice before deciding on to troubleshooting the crash occurred. Troubleshooting the crash generally helps you with fixing the occurred crash.
  • Firefox Won’t Start: If your Firefox doesn’t gets started after double clicking it. It generally shows an error message after taking enough time. With this message there exists an option of troubleshooting the issue; the user can get the hint of the reason behind occurred issue.
  1. If this doesn’t resolves the occurred issue you can just uninstall the Firefox and try installing a fresh and updated version. This might resolve the issue encountered and if still it doesn’t works, users can try connecting to the Technical Support Team for resolving the issue.
  • Firefox Slows Down: Slow response from the browser sometimes gets annoying when essential information is required urgently. The slow processing time that is more than the usual one is really frustrating while working on something really important that needs to be completed as soon as possible. There are a few tips and tricks to deal with this issue. You can easily follow these to fix the encountered issue.
  • Update Firefox: Check for the installed version and update the version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Update Drivers: Outdated drivers might slow down the performance of Firefox. If such issue encountered check whether the drivers are updated or outdated. Updating the drivers might help addressing the encountered issue.
  • Optimize Windows: Keep the updated Windows to speed up and let your computer work better. Try updating the Windows version to enjoy the high speed browsing.
  • Block Unneeded Content: Stuff that is not important or is not required by you like some useless ads or scripts can slow down the page loading significantly. Built-in content blocking must be opted to deal with blocking the unnecessary content. Few Firefox inbuilt add-ons are:
  • Disconnect Add-on: It blocks imperceptible web page that track the user online.
  • uBlock Origin Add-on: It blocks ads, trackers and other not so required content.
  • NoScript Add-on: It allows selectively enabling and disabling of all the running scripts on the website.
  • Refresh Firefox: Refreshing the Firefox can fix numerous issues by reinstating the Firefox to its default state whilst saving your vital information.
  1. Consider refreshing your Firefox prior to going through a prolonged troubleshooting process. The Firefox Safe Mode window comprises of a Refresh Firefox option.
  2. You can try using Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the shift key whilst starting Firefox. Refresh the Mozilla Firefox and happy browsing with the services offered by Mozilla Firefox.
  • Websites won’t load: Receiving error messages when the user tries to load up a website? Here are a few fixes to resolve the issue.
  1. If you just upgraded Firefox and it can no longer open any websites but other browsers or programs can, see the Fix issues connecting to websites after updating Firefox article.
  2. If no programs can open websites, see the appropriately named Firefox and other browsers can’t load websites article.
  3. If Firefox is having issues related to loading of certain websites, see Firefox can’t load websites but other browsers can.
  4. For other issues loading websites, see the Websites don’t load – troubleshoot and fix error messages article.

This didn’t solve the problem. Why to Worry?

Sometimes tracking the primary source of issues is complicated. These tricks might be unable to address the issue encountered. Need not to worry if the issues are not resolved. Firefox has a team of experienced and skilled professionals that are working all the time to resolve the issues encountered by its users. These professionals are just a call away to help you out with any type of technical or non technical issue. Dealing with the issues manually is great if you get succeed in resolving the issue but if the issue doesn’t gets resolved  it gets frustrating for the users as well as it took a lot of valuable time of the users in between the work. Connecting with Customer Support Service Executive saves a lot of time and provides a quick solution to its users.

Mozilla is backed-up by the vigorous technical support services offering by offering customer support through a call or email. Mozilla Firefox support services also offer high security and privacy. Downloading and browsing with Firefox is trouble free and secured. The web browser has spontaneous navigation.